Cold Weather Running + Giveaway

Hi runners,

We made it past Hump Day with yet another cold weather run! This week, we set a record with 13 participants. It’s beginning to dawn on us how fitness doesn’t “just happen,” it is a practice which repeatedly leads to success. Two of our members are training for the Derby Marathon & Mini-Marathon in April; a few more of us are thinking of joining in as a relay. The practice of running a marathon — ┬áthe habit of creating mileage every day — is what builds success on marathon day. It doesn’t take a superhuman to run 26.2 miles; it just takes a person dedicated to making room in each day to accomplish small goals.

DCRC January 2014

Did anyone else notice the hostess stand says “Monkey Farts?”

Anyway, we digress. The short version is: we’re thinking of putting together a relay team for the marathon in April. Our office now has a treadmill desk, so there’s no reason not to exercise, right? But they also have beer, so…

Anyway, as some of you may know, we also have a sister event called the Urban Bike Adventure which occurs in several different cities every year. We started a giveaway on Instagram for some Urban Bike Adventure gear, so if you have an account, check us out @urbanbikeadventure and hash tag your pictures #urbanbikeadventure to show us how you ride your bike in the winter.

And while we’re promoting our own social media, check out DCRC on twitter @runderbycity.

See you next Wednesday!


Run happy,