Breaking Bad [Habits], Pt. 2

Hey runners!

Thanks for a great month at DCRC! The blog has enjoyed a small hiatus / possibly got sent to rehab for snorting too much pumpkin spice. Got any goals this week you’d like to share or habits you’d like to break? We have both, conveniently wrapped up in a cheery rambling blog post.*

In keeping with the previous theme of breaking bad habits (pop quiz: remember the difference between a habit and an addiction?), one of the keys to forming a healthy habit is to focus on the benefit of the replacement behavior. Instead of thinking about the things you are losing by giving up your habit, think about all the things you will gain and feel better about by changing your behavior!

For example, instead of:

“I don’t want to go to a run club every Wednesday because I will miss looking at Blake Shelton’s beautiful face on The Voice!”


“If I can record The Voice, or miss just one episode every week, I can gain fitness and meet new friends by going to run club!”

How much more pleasant does that sound? It might feel a little silly to re-phrase your thoughts at first, but sometimes optimism is awkward. Know what’s more awkward? Making friends with your bad habits. BOOM.

Anyhow, in addition to Derby City Run Club, the Drifter Events team – all two of us! – orchestrates The Urban Bike Adventure (TUBA), and since the previous blog post, we have not only made it to Pennsylvania and back, but we are in DC this week! We are excited to share photos of the event on the TUBA website and Facebook page. We also have something really exciting coming up for this winter, for those of you over-achievers who also own a bicycle in addition to running shoes..

Louisville KY Run Club Halloween

what a lovely bunch of costumed runners.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween — See you next week!

*Also Coming Soon: An “About Us” section on the blog.

Run happy,