Breaking Bad [Habits], Pt. 1

Hopefully everyone has had a great week of snorting pumpkin spice powder – or, uh, running through fall leaves and drinking plenty of pumpkin beers.. responsibly.

This week, the series finale of a little show by the name of “BREAKING BAD” has inspired us to come up with ways to start Breaking Bad [Habits*]. (Hint: no crystal meth; no spoilers.)

Louisville KY Run Club

this is a little meme by the name of “bad joke eel.”

It doesn’t matter what your “bad” habit is, or whether or not it is running-related. Most behavior changes, big or small, involve consistency. Contrary to popular belief, changing habits or making new ones does not take 21 days. It can take more time, or less, depending on your personality, your commitment level, and the severity of consequence you experience for your current habits.

What bad running habits are you trying to change, and how are you trying to change them? We will share ours in the next post.


*Habits, in this case, are defined as behaviors you wish to change voluntarily — we are leaving out any mention of psychological or physical addiction. So if you want to watch less “Breaking Bad,” that’s a great habit to start changing. However, if you want to stop doing meth, that’s an addiction and you should really go see someone. Seriously. Go. Run there.


Run happy,