Wanted: Winter Motivation

Happy Friday, runners!

Just when we thought the Polar Vortex was over, it made a U-Turn right back down through the holler. Remember that one day — maybe it was mid-last-week — when we had temperatures above 40 degrees? And then remember how Monday and Tuesday came, and we woke up to a few inches of snow and more freezing temperatures?

Go Home, Arctic.

Pretty much.

It’s a Winter Wonderland here in Louisville right now, and while I used our “snow day” on Tuesday to slog out two miles through downtown, I thought of some friends in Michigan who are stuck on treadmills this time of year.

It wasn’t much consolation while my sweat was freezing on to my face. Cold is cold, whether it’s 30 degrees or 20 degrees or 0 degrees. How do you keep up your motivation to run in the winter? We have a few tips to keep your goals and motivation alive.

1. Strategically place reminders of your goals when you know you need the motivation. I hate getting out of bed when it’s cold, so when my alarm goes off in the morning, I changed the text to say “HOW FAST DO YOU WANT TO RUN IN THE SPRING?” It shames me into waking up, and plays well into my Catholic guilt.

2. Keep a heater in your bedroom. This might just be for me, but.. if I blast the heater in the bedroom when my alarm goes off, it tricks me into thinking the rest of the room might be as cozy as my comforter cocoon. Also, it’s nice to not put on running clothes that are partially frozen.

3. Find a buddy. Even if you don’t like running with other people, get someone who is already awake in the morning — or working on their own goals later that day — to hold you accountable to your workout.

4. Run some local races. Anyone do the Frostbite 5k a few weeks ago? (Yeah, we didn’t either, but it sounded fun!) Most of the folks we talked to after the race said they used it for training for future races. Use 5k’s to get excited for spring!

5. Get new stuff. Whether or not you use shopping to motivate you, you need to have the right clothes for winter running! So if you don’t get excited over wearing four pairs of pants just to prevent frostbite, at least get excited that maybe a new pair of running tights will keep you 10x warmer.

Next week, we will gather some tips for actually running in the cold weather (with or without snow) and how to safely conquer the Polar Vortex. Until then..

Run happy (and warm)!

Cold Weather Running + Giveaway

Hi runners,

We made it past Hump Day with yet another cold weather run! This week, we set a record with 13 participants. It’s beginning to dawn on us how fitness doesn’t “just happen,” it is a practice which repeatedly leads to success. Two of our members are training for the Derby Marathon & Mini-Marathon in April; a few more of us are thinking of joining in as a relay. The practice of running a marathon —  the habit of creating mileage every day — is what builds success on marathon day. It doesn’t take a superhuman to run 26.2 miles; it just takes a person dedicated to making room in each day to accomplish small goals.

DCRC January 2014

Did anyone else notice the hostess stand says “Monkey Farts?”

Anyway, we digress. The short version is: we’re thinking of putting together a relay team for the marathon in April. Our office now has a treadmill desk, so there’s no reason not to exercise, right? But they also have beer, so…

Anyway, as some of you may know, we also have a sister event called the Urban Bike Adventure which occurs in several different cities every year. We started a giveaway on Instagram for some Urban Bike Adventure gear, so if you have an account, check us out @urbanbikeadventure and hash tag your pictures #urbanbikeadventure to show us how you ride your bike in the winter.

And while we’re promoting our own social media, check out DCRC on twitter @runderbycity.

See you next Wednesday!


Run happy,


Polar Vortex: Challenge Accepted!

Hi runners,

Looks like we have survived the polar vortex! If the Meetup group was any indication, our members seemed to be dropping like flies yesterday for the run last night — but 7 1/2 brave souls still managed to show up for our weekly 5k around Waterfront Park! (Don’t worry, the “1/2” was an infant.. not a fractured person.) True, temperatures were a little “warmer”  yesterday than earlier in the week, but after a few days of being cooped up in the house, it was nice to stretch our legs with more awesome folks from the area. And, despite our usual venue being temporarily closed for construction, we still managed to have a great time over at Manny & Merle’s ! Rock on, everyone.

dcrc-manny and merle

$2 tacos and $3 “Mannyrita.”


We also talked about doing the Triple Crown races in Louisville this winter/spring – if we can get enough people, it will definitely be more fun and we can once again combine a few of our favorite past times: running, chatting, drinking, and winning.


Run happy,


2014 Resolution Run

Hello runners! Welcome to a new year!

We have been away for the holidays, moving our household to a new location in Louisville and getting ready to pick up our “day jobs” on January 6th. But with moving day, holiday parties, and new year libations aside, guess who managed to squeeze in a waterfront New Year’s Day Fun Run on the 1st day of 2014?!

DCRC - Belle of Louisville - 5k Run

Derby City Run Club: “What hangover?”

Like most of the other folks we know, we spent the last day of 2013 stuffing our faces with snacks, bourbon, and champagne, and then — like the other New Years Resolutioners! — we dragged our soggy selves out the next day for a cleansing jaunt around Waterfront Park with dreams of fitter abs (and better beer!) ahead. If you missed out, that’s okay – it was a great run but we will do a lot more Saturday jogs this year. And, hey – there are still 52 Wednesdays of 2014, so that’s a guaranteed 150 miles of running this year! You ready to impress your friends with that math?

We’ll be breaking out some more surprises this year for DCRC including online giveaways, race registrations, and team relays, so lace up your shoes and get ready to run with us.

Stay tuned.. 2014 is going to be awesome! See you Wednesday!

Run happy,


Ugly Sweaters & Saturdays

Hey Runners!

Great job last night at the Ugly Sweater Run! Ironically, Wednesday was one of the warmer nights we’ve had in Louisville in the past few weeks, but everyone showed up – some with bells on, literally – and ran in some of the ugliest sweaters we’ve seen. In short, it was a blast and we can’t wait to come up with more festive themes for 2014.

Louisville KY Run Club Ugly Sweater Theme

Granny would be so proud.

There’s a lot in store for the upcoming year and as much as we would like to give New Year Resolutions the boot, we’ll be making a few of our own. Along with finally moving into downtown Louisville, we’d like to see a lot more runners next year and get the t-shirt program started for all the veterans and newbies who join. That means punch cards, more running, and some sweet tech shirts and prizes, just for showing up and doing something good for yourself.

Since the holiday time is upon us, we have morphed from pumpkin latte-gulping gluttons to egg nog-slinging hedonists. (Thank goodness our old sweaters are kind of bulky.) This Saturday, we’ll be doing another morning run to hopefully help run off all those Thanksgiving leftovers and the holiday cookies that are starting to appear everywhere. We’re also thinking about doing a New Year’s Day late-morning run/brunch, so stay tuned!

Run happy,


Breaking Bad [Habits], Pt. 2

Hey runners!

Thanks for a great month at DCRC! The blog has enjoyed a small hiatus / possibly got sent to rehab for snorting too much pumpkin spice. Got any goals this week you’d like to share or habits you’d like to break? We have both, conveniently wrapped up in a cheery rambling blog post.*

In keeping with the previous theme of breaking bad habits (pop quiz: remember the difference between a habit and an addiction?), one of the keys to forming a healthy habit is to focus on the benefit of the replacement behavior. Instead of thinking about the things you are losing by giving up your habit, think about all the things you will gain and feel better about by changing your behavior!

For example, instead of:

“I don’t want to go to a run club every Wednesday because I will miss looking at Blake Shelton’s beautiful face on The Voice!”


“If I can record The Voice, or miss just one episode every week, I can gain fitness and meet new friends by going to run club!”

How much more pleasant does that sound? It might feel a little silly to re-phrase your thoughts at first, but sometimes optimism is awkward. Know what’s more awkward? Making friends with your bad habits. BOOM.

Anyhow, in addition to Derby City Run Club, the Drifter Events team – all two of us! – orchestrates The Urban Bike Adventure (TUBA), and since the previous blog post, we have not only made it to Pennsylvania and back, but we are in DC this week! We are excited to share photos of the event on the TUBA website and Facebook page. We also have something really exciting coming up for this winter, for those of you over-achievers who also own a bicycle in addition to running shoes..

Louisville KY Run Club Halloween

what a lovely bunch of costumed runners.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween — See you next week!

*Also Coming Soon: An “About Us” section on the blog.

Run happy,


Breaking Bad [Habits], Pt. 1

Hopefully everyone has had a great week of snorting pumpkin spice powder – or, uh, running through fall leaves and drinking plenty of pumpkin beers.. responsibly.

This week, the series finale of a little show by the name of “BREAKING BAD” has inspired us to come up with ways to start Breaking Bad [Habits*]. (Hint: no crystal meth; no spoilers.)

Louisville KY Run Club

this is a little meme by the name of “bad joke eel.”

It doesn’t matter what your “bad” habit is, or whether or not it is running-related. Most behavior changes, big or small, involve consistency. Contrary to popular belief, changing habits or making new ones does not take 21 days. It can take more time, or less, depending on your personality, your commitment level, and the severity of consequence you experience for your current habits.

What bad running habits are you trying to change, and how are you trying to change them? We will share ours in the next post.


*Habits, in this case, are defined as behaviors you wish to change voluntarily — we are leaving out any mention of psychological or physical addiction. So if you want to watch less “Breaking Bad,” that’s a great habit to start changing. However, if you want to stop doing meth, that’s an addiction and you should really go see someone. Seriously. Go. Run there.


Run happy,



Hey everyone! This week is our first Derby City Run Club (DCRC) of the autumn! Anyone else got a case of CFD: Compulsive Fall Disorder? Symptoms include, but are not limited to:

– Pumpkin overdose, particularly in the form of lattes, beers, scones, muffins, breads, pancakes, cookies, donuts, soups, and/or candles;

– Distributing vía social media photographs of the above items prior to ingestion;

– Obsession with scarves, boots, hats, sweaters, and other season-specific clothing;

– Groupon purchases for pumpkin carving, corn mazes, apple orchard discounts, and hay rides;

– Partaking in any items listed here before the temperature has dipped below 70F.

..It’s okay, you are not alone: we definitely can’t wait to start running in cooler temperatures and less humidity. There are also some fun items on the horizon this fall for DCRC, including punch cards for our free t-shirt program, and some fun holiday themes and events. So for those of you who want to come out and run with us – and those of you who have already made it once or twice! – we still have the pictures to prove you were here.

DCRC - DerbyCityRunClub2

where’s that pumpkin beer?

In the meantime, go ahead pry this pumpkin latte out of my cold, dead, pumpkin-smeared hands.

Run happy,

Derby City Run Club – Louisville’s Run Club


Hello runners, fitness enthusiasts, and beer connoisseurs!

Thank you for coming out to our first ever Derby City Run Club last Wednesday at the Sports & Social Club! For the inaugural run, we had a total of seven participants (not including fearless leader, Mr. Jason Kelly). Y’all were a pretty good-looking glistening group, considering those soaring September temperatures in the ‘Ville.. May your sweat stains be immortalized forever on our Instagram (@derbycityrunclub).

DCRC - Derby City Run Club - Louisville

the inaugural group

Our goal for the Derby City Run Club is to create a space every Wednesday (and hopefully more often!) where fun folks can get together and enjoy a run, a race, maybe a beer or two, and other active events within the neighborhood. We believe Louisville is the perfect city for a run club and can’t wait to meet all of you!

Run happy,

Derby City Run Club