February 2015 Member Spotlight

This month we spotlight one of our long time member Jill Hauswald. She shares with us about an injury that sidelined her from running and about her personal career as a runner.

Derby City Run Club member Jill Hauswald at the Big Hit Half Marathon

Derby City Run Club member Jill Hauswald at the Big Hit Half Marathon

When did you begin running and why? I started running the summer of 2012. I was tired of the elliptical machine, so I switched to the treadmill and very slowly increased the speed! (I still have a fear of flying off the back of a treadmill. If it ever happens, I hope someone is around to laugh!)

What is your greatest running accomplishment? Completing the Big Hit Half Marathon in October 2013.

What are you training for right now? I have started my goal of running a 10k in every state – yay, 1 down, 49 to go! – and I have a few 10ks coming up in the next few months, so I’m training to get and stay in shape for those.

Favorite Place in Louisville to go for a Run/Walk: I love running at the Waterfront, across the Big 4 Bridge and around the marina.

How did you find out about DCRR and when did you join? Until I joined DCRC, I had always run alone. I wanted to try to get faster, so I thought running with people faster than me (which is pretty much everyone) would help. I first went to DCRC in November of 2013 after finding them on the Meetup website.

What race day traditions do you have? I don’t have any race day traditions, but I did buy into the pre-race carb loading hype. For races in Louisville, I’ll be at Rocky’s the night before!

Favorite shoe and/or gear to run with? I have always run in Saucony shoes.

Any running tips for beginning/experienced runners? Join DCRC. Lots of great people to run and have a beer with afterwards – what’s not to like?!

Do you run for someone special (friends,family), a cause, because of a big change in life? Not really, but I do make sure the races I sign up for have at least a portion of the proceeds going to charity. I like to know I’m not just paying for a “free t-shirt” on someone else’s designated course.

I know you went through an injury not too long ago. How did you get hurt? What was it like missing running? How did you rehab? Last winter, with so much snow and ice, I started rowing more to cross-train since I wasn’t able to run much outside. One particular week I had rowed almost 40,000 meters, and my legs were pretty tired. However, I went out and tried to clean the snow and ice off the driveway. The blunt force impact of kicking the shovel to break the ice on my already weak legs caused the initial injury. Continuing to run for the next 7 weeks before finally being diagnosed made the situation worse. In April, I was diagnosed with a stress reaction in my left hip, which means it was not quite broken, but was about to break. I was on crutches, non-weight bearing, for 6 weeks. Since I’ve never been an athlete, I’d never gone through anything like this before. I realized during that time how much I had relied on running as a stress reliever. Those were the longest 6 weeks! I didn’t really do much rehab, which is probably why I’ve had a few setbacks since, but after 4 weeks of physical therapy over the holidays, I’m stronger than I have been since I got injured, and I’m slowly building back endurance and mileage. Hopefully, I’ll start getting faster too.